Let us help you have great water!

The first step:


Bring in a water sample.

This is a free test

that helps our 

Technicians diagnosis 

your water issues.

We test for:

  • Hardness
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Tannins
  • pH



Consult with our Technicians and make a plan!

  • What type of filter do you need?
  • What other known issues are in your area?
  • Remember: We have been in business on Whidbey Island for over 30 years!


After installation,  



 your pristine water!

Is your water Hard?

Do you have a crusty build up on your facets, shower head, and dish washer?

Hardness is a common issue throughout Whidbey Island.

We sell Top of the line Softeners to remedy this problem.

Does your water leave stains?

Iron in your water is something you don't have to live with. We sell the best Iron Filters on the market to combat colored water and to save your fixtures, bathrooms, and laundry from stains.

Bad taste or smell?

 If your water smells like chlorine, rotten eggs, metallic, dirt, or is cloudy in appearance, there are solutions. 

Pure water is possible.