Water Softeners

Is your water Hard?


Do you have a crusty build up on your faucets, shower head, and dish washer?

Hardness is a common problem throughout Whidbey Island.

We sell Top of the line Softeners to remedy this problem.


In the Bathroom:

  • Soap and shampoo will lather better.
  • Hair and skin will feel noticeably cleaner, softer, and not as dry.
  • No soap scum or mineral deposits to clean off sinks, showers, tubs and toilets.

In the Laundry:

  • Clothes will be softer, cleaner, whiter and brighter.
  • Using soft water and pure soap products increases the life of clothing, towels and linens up to 50%.

In the Kitchen:

  • Dishes will clean with ease and be spot free!
  • No gray film on glasses etched by mineral-laden water.
  • Plus hands will feel softer and look better.


Water-using appliances will last longer and run better with soft water because hot water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers used with hard water can wear out 70% faster due to calcium that builds up over time.

What is a Water Softener?


Most water softeners  are ion exchange systems. In these systems, hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) are exchanged for salt (sodium or potassium) ions.

  • The exchange takes place within the resin tank of the water softener. When water flows through the tank it comes in contact with small resin beads that are covered with salt ions.
  • As water flows through the resin beads, hardness ions trade places with salt ions. 
  • (Note: For those with health concerns there is more salt in a slice of bread than in a liter of water.)

As larger volumes of water are softened, the beads become exhausted and contain nothing but hardness ions .

  • The beads are recharged by adding bags of salt to the brine tank. Recharging works the same as softening but in reverse.
  • The hardness ions swap places with the salt ions in the brine tank and excess minerals are rinsed into the wastewater drain.

We offer the best!

Only the best Control Heads

  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings 
  •  Service flow 28 gpm, backwash flow 15 gpm with meter and bypass installed
  • Front panel display for time of day, days until next regeneration, volume remaining, current flow rate and total volume used (Totalizer), and Tank in Service Indication
  •  Four methods to initiate regeneration; meter immediate, meter delayed, time clock delayed or pressure differential
  •  Optional double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency
  •  Adjustable cycle times with 6-cycle control delivers controlled backwash, downflow brining/slow rinse, second backwash, fast rinse, refill and downflow service
  •  Coin Cell Lithium battery back-up with a 8 hour carry over
  •  Backwash and brining ability to 21” diameter tanks
  •   Downflow or upflow brining regeneration
  •   12-volt output AC Adapter provides safe and easy installation
  •   Treated/Soft water post fill and regeneration cycles

We proudly sell

Best Control Heads

Top of the line